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Last Update July 13, 2014

All of the doggies listed below are in PRBCR volunteer's foster homes. Feel free to contact their foster parent for more information and fill out our online application. PRBCR foster dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption and our adoption fee is 225.00. If you do not see your new family member listed with PRBCR, then check out the courtesy listings and our sister rescue in NC:

Courtesy Listings

Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR)


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Bliss (Adoption Pending!!!!!)

3 year old, spayed, utd, on heartworm and flea preventative, about 38 lbs. Bliss is sweet, bidable and soft, who wants nothing more than to have her own forever family. She likes to keep her people in sight at all times, and if you sit, will instantly be there with a nudge. She settles really well inside and will find a spot to keep an eye on you as you cook, cruise the internet, etc. She does not want to be outside alone. She will sun herself by the door, patiently waiting for you to open it to go inside. She is learning to play, retrieve a ball and has shown skills catching a frisbee. She is happy to be a medium active girl, who shows potential to be very active when you ask. Bliss will need a fenced yard, mental stimulation in the form of play, walks, tricks, obedience, etc. Bliss is friendly with people (men & women), kids and cats. She is house trained, stays in a crate when we are not at home and loose in a baby gated room at night. Bliss loves her people. She treats our preschooler like he is an adult. Because she is soft, Bliss needs a patient and kind family to train the basics, sit, down, stay, etc. As well as someone willing to never use a prong, choke or shock collar and no electric fences. Bliss is not overly comfortable with a leash and other dogs. She walks on a leash and does not pull. However, she demonstrates nervous and submissive behaviors. It will take time for her to understand a leash is a positive experience and build her confidence. When around other dogs, she must be the center of attention. She resource guards food and toys from other dogs. She would fit best in a one dog household and BC experienced home. Bliss is ready to blossom in her forever home!

If you are interested in Bliss please contact her foster mom

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Eddie (Coming Soon!)

Eddie will be available for adoption soon.

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Ellie (6 yr old - Female)

Meet Miss Ellie! She is a very sweet female estimated to be about 6 yrs old and looking for her fur-ever home! Ellie loves to snuggle, very loving and will make a loyal companion. She was surrendered to the resuce for killing chickens and would need a home with no small children or cats. She is spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all vaccines.

If you are interested in adopting Ellie:

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Happy (male)

Happy is a very sweet laid back dog and loves people and is friendly with other dogs and cats. Happy loves the water and has the markings of a Border Collie and the traits of both a Lab and Border Collie. As you can see from the photos Happy is a beautiful dog and is one of easiest dogs we've taken care of and quickly becomes your best friend. He loves hugs, belly rubs and likes being your best buddy. He may be a little shy at first and that is just for the first few minutes and then he quickly warms up to you. Happy is a delight and easy to be with as he causes no trouble and just loves doing things with you and can just lounge around too. He'll likes to ride in the car if you want to take him somewhere with you he'll enjoy the ride and if you like to go a lake, river or if you have a pool Happy will be right at home! He loves toys and playing with you and especially likes chewing on a big doggy bone. When I've had friends over they always say the same thing, "what a nice friendly dog"! He has been neutered and is up to date on all shots, negative on heartworm and up to date on heartworm medicine.

If you are interested in Happy please contact her foster dad

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Jason --- Coming Soon!!!

Jason will be available soon - check back for more information.

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Jessica Rabbit (Adoption Pending!!!)

Sweet Jessica is a small 6-month old BC mix that just wants to be loved. She is a beautiful mix of black and white with black freckles on her white stockings. She weighs 19 pounds while standing just 15 inches at the shoulder. Very athletic and smart and walks nicely on leash.Plays well with her foster sister Norma Jean and is starting to show interest in playing with the other dogs in the household. Calm and collected she is very mature for her age. Jessica could fit in any household but loves to be with her people and may escape from the yard if left alone. Jessica has been spayed and micro-chipped is looking for her very own pack of humans to charm and love. A unique puppy in every way. Jessica Rabbit would make a great apartment dog for someone who loves go on long walks she is good for kids, seniors, families and will make a great family member for anyone looking for a young dog without all the 'puppy training'. She does not chew on anything but her toys and is potty trained.

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Jet (4 yr female)

Jet is a sweet and active pure bred border collie. She gets along great with my other borders but all she really wants is to be with people. ON you if possible. She's incredibly loving and desperate for approval and she would crawl inside our clothes to be closer to us if she could-a real Velcro Dog. At sometime in her life someone spent lots of time with her before her life took a turn. She is utterly crazy about fetching the ball and loves toys, especially tug toys or things she can "kill". She's active, athletic, and is fantastic off leash. (Better than on leash, frankly) She knows sit, down, come, shake and loves the car, sleeps in a crate at night like a champ. She adores men and is fantastic helping around our farm. We currently have no cats or livestock so she hasn't been tested on them. She is about 4 years old, and when she got here she was a little on the skinny side but has made up her weight deficit and now is about 40 lbs. She will need some continued training to "wait" at feeding time. Because of her past history of abuse she will also need a family who is respectful of her body.

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norma jean

Norma Jean (Adoption Pending!!!!)

Playful Norma Jean is a 6-month old bundle of energy. She is a mostly black BC mix with white toes, white chest and a white snip on her nose. Smallish in size she weighs 24 pounds while standing 15 inches at the shoulder. Norma Jean plays well with toys, bugs, sticks, pine cones, other dogs and ignores the cats. A perpetual dynamo that is on the go until she drops from exhausion. Norma Jean is recovering nicely from a treated skin problem with her missing hair starting to grow back. She is crate trained and is learning to walk on a leash. Norma Jean has been spayed and micro-chipped and be looking for her very own pack of humans to entertain and love.

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Zack (1.5 yrs - Male - Experienced BC home only!)

Zack is a very special little guy who has lost all his confidence. We don't know what happened to Zackary in his former life but I have to think it was filled with cruelty. At 1 1/2 years old, this is not who Zack is supposed to be and you can see it in his eyes. This little guy wants nothing more than love and a person of his own. He seeks affection and approval. You just have to call his name and will skip over and sit as close to you as possible looking for a soft touch to let him know he is loved. He does not just cuddle but he melts in your arms.

Zackary is very reactive to people. He will bark and try to escape a strangers presence. We can get down to his level hold him close and calm him down. He has made great improvements but he is a work in progress. He is not an aggressive dog but an extremely fearful one. Sometimes I will pick him up and just hold him tight so he knows he is safe. He is very small at 25 lbs so it is easy to scoop him up and give him a sense of security. Once he settles I can put him down and continue my conversation with neighbors.

Frisbee...Zackary can do it all. He is amazing at catching Frisbees. He can do back flips and has an enormous drive to chase and herd. He is a high energy dog and a life full of Frisbees and tennis balls will suit him just fine. We play in my yard, not fenced, as long as I have a Frisbee in hand Zack is bomb proof. His focus is absolutely phenomenal. This is the quintessential Border Collie. He is so smart, you can see him thinking as you speak to him. You can see in his eyes that there is a level of understanding that only comes along once in a lifetime. For a little guy, his speed and power are awe inspiring. He is simply beautiful.

Zack is full of knowledge, he knows all basic commands and has a very strong recall. He is housebroken. He responds very well to clicker training and is food and affection motivated. Like I said before his need for approval is intense. He reminds me of a little boy going to school for the first time, kind of shy, anxious, and wanting to make the teacher happy. He is the little kid that picks the desk in the front of class, sits up straight and brings an apple. He just wants to please.

Zackary can not go to a home with cats and where he is friendly to dogs on the street he can not live with other dogs. He whines when we pass dogs on our walk and he greets them politely, but living with other dogs lights a competitive spark in Zack where he becomes domineering and aggressive. He must be the only dog.

This little guy is not without challenges, he is a work in progress, but once you gain his trust the reward of his giant heart will be priceless. His loyalty will be forever. He is the type that once he bonds with you he will never leave your side and he will certainly do his best to never let you down. He is a lot of dog and he will need a strong leader, an experienced leader to take him on his final journey to being the dog he was intended to be. He will come off as mean and scary, it is all a big front. The truth about Zack is that he is sensitive and soft. He is a little broken but consistency and love can mend his hurt spirit. There is no truer statement that this dog is deserving of a wonderful life. He is potential unlimited, he is special and he is Zackary.

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For more wonderful dogs be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings Page:

Courtesy Listings Page

Border Collies are being turned into shelters and rescue groups daily. The breed's unique desires to work and please their owners are often the very reasons they are relinquished. Please be sure a Border Collie is the right dog for you and your family.

For more available Border Collies, we recommend your looking at www.Petfinder.com. Other rescue groups, shelters and independent rescuers post Border Collies at that location. Also, check our links section for other BC-specific rescue groups.

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