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Last Update Feb 22, 2015

All of the doggies listed below are in PRBCR volunteer's foster homes. Feel free to contact their foster parent for more information and fill out our online application. PRBCR foster dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption and our adoption fee is 225.00. If you do not see your new family member listed with PRBCR, then check out the courtesy listings and our sister rescue in NC:

Courtesy Listings

Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR)



Big Ben (Adoption Pending!!!!)

I'm back and still big and beautiful - My name is Big Ben and I am a neutered 3-to-4 year old male Border Collie mix standing 23 inches at the shoulder and weighing 65 pounds. I have a unique tri-color coat with typical BC tuxedo looks but have a brown undercoat that peeks through in lots of places. I am a mild mannered fellow who loves to go on walks or car rides. I usually walk well on lead but when I get excited I can pull a little. I love to be near my humans and, fortunately for them since I am rather large, am not a lap dog. I get along fine with two foster-dog-sisters and one foster-dog-brother, plus two cats that are no relation. I was adopted by a family with 2 small children and an old indoor cat and got along fine with all of them. I loved my new dad and was good when he was home but he had to work a lot and I was not so good when he was gone. My new humans said that they thought I needed more attention than they could provide. I went back to my foster family and have been good ever since. I think I need a fenced yard and maybe another dog companion to keep me company when my humans are away. I would also like for a human companion that would be near me most of the time but love me all of the time. I am quiet so would do well going to work with you, laying by your side when you work at home, or curling up on my bed when you do housework.

If you would like a big handsome companion to show off on your walks please contact my foster mom. I'm not bragging either as everybody who meets me tells me what a handsome boy I am.

If you are interested in adopting Big Ben:

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Bo (5 yr old male)

5 year old BC/Aussie Mix - docked tail – Neutered - UTD on vaccines and HW-

Hi my name is Bo but my foster mom calls me "Wiggle-Butt". I guess that is because I am so happy and can't stop wiggling. I don't have a long tail to swish around. That thing might be a weapon if I had one.

I have several other foster brothers and we play all day long. I like to play with the ball and mostly just run and jump and wrestle with my foster brothers River and Sam.

I do like to jump so small kids would need to be comfortable with active dogs. I would never knock a kid down on purpose, but I just love life and I jump and play and might knock a small kid down by accident.

I do know commands like sit, stay, down, and come. My foster mom says I am very smart and that I am a sweet boy. She says I have a beautiful fur coat. I have seen cats before, but I have never played with them so I don't know if they would like me or not. If you are looking for an active friend that likes to be with his person(s), then I am your guy.

If you are interested in Bo please contact his foster dad

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Cash (Prev. Eddie; 1 to 2 yr old male))

Eddie/Cash has had a rough start and we are hoping he will find the perfect spot for him. He spent the first year of his life in an outdoor pen with little human socialization. What little he had wasn't nice. He has been in foster care for 6 months and is learning that humans and the indoors can be good. Here is what he will need to continue to grow and trust.

He needs a quiet home with few visitors and a large fenced yard to run and play. Another friendly dog mate is a must as he loves dogs. He is also good with cats. Right now, he doesn't really want to leave the house and yard, so he is not the dog if you are looking to travel and go lots of places with your dog. I am hopeful one day he might enjoy these things, but no one should take him with those expectations.

He has fear issues and some health issues. His adopter would need to be prepared for this. He cannot handle any sort of correction. Even a loud voice sets his progress back. He will need someone either that knows about positive force free training or someone willing to make the commitment to learn.

Eddie/Cash does love to get on the bed in the morning and before going to sleep. He loves to cuddle and doesn't want you to stop petting him. He loves to play with my other dog and run with him in the back yard. He is a sweet dog and when he makes progress it just sends you over the moon.

I know I am looking for a needle in a haystack, but the right spot for him is out there.

Click on the red button to send your donation. Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation will go towards paying his medical bills.

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Cisco (1-2 yr old male)

Cisco is a very sweet 1-2 year old boy. He is great with other dogs and very laid back. He will be a Velcro dog – likes his people and wants to be with them. He loves riding in the car and being pampered. . He loves bathes, brushing, and even the blow dryer. He will need brushed at least on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in Bo please contact his foster dad

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Flora MacDonald (6 - 8 yr old female)

Flora MacDonald is named for the famous Scottish heroine who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from the English after the failed Jacobite rebellion of 1746.

She's a very sweet senior girl (6 – 8 years old) who is very well behaved. She loves to ride in the car and walks well on the leash. She knows her basic commands; sit, stay, come and seems to have been taught to heel when on leash. She gets along well with other dogs. Flora would be perfect for someone who is wanting a calm low key companion. She could be a bit of a couch potato if you let her.

UPDATE!!!!! Flora MacDonald would prefer a house that is carpeted. Those pesky slippery hardwood floors feel funny to her feet

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Jasper (4-6 yr old, male)

Hi my name is Jasper! I am estimated to be between 4-6 years old, and weigh 49lbs. I am vision impaired (see update below), and only see shadows. I will need a home with a fenced yard. I have an eye condition known as Pannus. I will always need eye drops 2 times a day. My foster mom thinks that I am pretty patient while she puts them in my eyes all by herself. Although my sight is limited, I walk really well on a leash, I am playful, and LOVE to be spoiled. I currently live with 5 foster siblings and a couple of cats (one of which is blind), and I do very well with them. I also sleep in my crate at night, without making a sound and I am housetrained. I am neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. I am located in the Greenville, SC area.

UPDATE!!!!!! On Friday January 9, 2015 Jasper had a follow-up visit to have his eyes re-checked by his foster mom's personal vet. On that visit, his foster mom learned that his vision is NOT as impaired as first thought. On this visit, it was determined that he 'could' possibly have as much as 90% of his vision. Even with this new information, he will always need eye drops twice a day to maintain the vision that he has. Also on this visit his age was determined to be 4-6 yrs old. The drops are very easy to apply and I am very good and gentle allowing the treatment.

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Kyanne (Adoption Pending!!!!!)

KyAnne (pronounced Cayenne) This striking split face red and white 9 month old female is one hot pepper. KyAnne is a full tilt girl with endless possibilities. This young lady apparently had little socialization or guidance in behavior prior to arriving in rescue, but is doing better with a little direction and structure. She would do well in a home with an experienced dog person. I believe that she would excel in herding, agility or Frisbee.

KyAnne is spayed, micro-chipped, heart worm negative and completely vetted. She is house and crate trained, and gets along well with other dogs. She has not been tested with cats.

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Roscoe (4 month old male)

Roscoe the Rascal we call him lovingly, as he has spunk and personality yet... he is a very easy going pup. We believe he is 4 months old or so. He has been with us since the week before Christmas. Roscoe loves to run and play, he is well behaved inside the house. He is crate trained and housebroken. He gets along well with other dogs and children. He has an independent streak, so will come to snuggle and kiss on his humans, and then will walk away to go play with a toy or chew on a bone. He is loving without being "needy". He loves his daily walks down the block- we go 2 or 3 times a day. On the days we can grab a 3-4 mile walk, he is even happier. He loves to prance, and chase the other dogs, but is respectful of the pack and the hierarchy. He likes to steal and hide and chew on socks if he can find them laying around the house, but he has not ruined any shoes...Roscoe is a protector and will bark and strangers and noises to alert us, but then will come to stand my our side for his own reassurance. He likes squirrels and birds, and will run to find and chase them. In our family, we call Roscoe the perfect puppy. Sweet, loving, affectionate, obedient, willing to please, a total lovebug, and likely a good dog for agility training. He is a sweetie pie... overall, he will grow into a wonderful dog.

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Sadie (Adoption Pending!!!!)

Sadie is a 2 to 2 1/2 what appears to be pure bred female. She is as sweet as they come. She is fully vetted, spayed and micro-chipped and is looking for a new furever home. She loves people all sizes and shapes. She has not been tested on cats since we have had her so I cant really speak to that. She is house and crate trained. She love to play ball.

Sadie is a low to medium active girl. She is less than 40 pounds, but actually she needs to add a pound or 2.

Sadie is a great dog with people, but really needs to be an only pet as she is not socialized with other dogs at thist time.

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Sally (2 yo pb female)

Sally is a striking young rough coat Border Collie. She is a spayed, healthy two year old and came into rescue as a stray. She is active and playful, enjoying wrestling matches with her dog siblings followed by a nice nap in the sunshine.

A quick learner, she has picked up commands easily, and is very eager to please.

She is being fostered in a home with multiple dogs and cats, though Sally would probably do best in a home with fewer animals.

She has a strong herding drive with cats, but this is mostly limited to staring, not chasing. The very dog-savvy cats she lives with are unfazed. Like many Border Collies, Sally is very agitated by brooms, rakes, shovels, and the like. Her intense focus and circling behavior makes it hard to sweep with her in the house, but is otherwise not a big issue.

She seems fearful of young children, but older kids would probably be fine for her, though it would take some patience and time for her to be accustomed to a very busy household.

Sally is being fostered in Charleston, SC. Contact her foster mom for more information.

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Yogi (4 yr male)

Yogi is a sweet loving 4 yr old bc mix. It took a while for him to get adjusted to my 2 laid back female bc. Probably because he was in the shelter for awhile. I'm not sure about cats. He gets along very well with my 7 yr old grandson. not sure about young children. He has been treated for HW and is a happy healthy boy. Storms and fireworks do not bother him. He rides well in the car and walks good on leash. He's crate trained (with encouragement) and is house trained and needs to be taken out often. He'll make a good guard dog not in an aggressive way but he will let you know when people are outside. He's very vocal. So far he hasn't shown interest in balls but he likes to have chew toys.

Click on the red button to send your donation now. Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation will go towards paying Yogi's vet bill.

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For more wonderful dogs be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings Page:

Courtesy Listings Page

Border Collies are being turned into shelters and rescue groups daily. The breed's unique desires to work and please their owners are often the very reasons they are relinquished. Please be sure a Border Collie is the right dog for you and your family.

For more available Border Collies, we recommend your looking at www.Petfinder.com. Other rescue groups, shelters and independent rescuers post Border Collies at that location. Also, check our links section for other BC-specific rescue groups.

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