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Last Update Oct 22, 2014

All of the doggies listed below are in PRBCR volunteer's foster homes. Feel free to contact their foster parent for more information and fill out our online application. PRBCR foster dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption and our adoption fee is 225.00. If you do not see your new family member listed with PRBCR, then check out the courtesy listings and our sister rescue in NC:

Courtesy Listings

Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR)




Hi my name is Charlie and my foster mom calls me Tigger sometimes because I like to jump straight up in the air. I can jump up to her head! she is trying to teach me not to jump so much on people.

I have heartworms because my former owners left me outside and actually they moved away and left me. The nice lady next door came and fed me and visited me so I wouldn't get so lonely. She was very nice to me and tried to find me a home. Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue said they would find me a good home and get those nasty heartworms.

I have a foster sister and 3 foster brothers, so I get along with other dogs. My neighbor friend had a cat and I don't particularly care for cats, but they are ok if they stay on their side. I love food and will do anything for a milkbone…. Anything. I have not been around a lot of little people so I don't know how to act. I do like to jump so I might could jump over them.

(Charlie would probably not be good around small children because he is very active.) My foster mom says I am a lovebug and have a terrific personality if you like funny clowns!!! Maybe I could join the Circus and be a jumping clown. Whatever I am I will be your constant friend.

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Eddie (1+ yr male)

Eddie is an approximate 1 year+ border collie with a sweet disposition who is still learning how to be a dog. Eddie started the first year of his life in an outside kennel with very little training, human interaction, or affection. He must have had a lot of interaction with other dogs though because he's very well socialized with them and gets along great with all dogs that he meets – exhibiting pack manners and learning his place very quickly when he came into a foster home with three other dogs. He plays well and has never met a dog at the park that he didn't love right away. He's also very smart. He learned to sit by watching our other dogs follow the command. As I started to work with him on learning the command he just looked at our youngest border collie (who had just done it for a treat), looked at the treat in my hand, and then sat down…..and he's done it ever since.

With humans he's still trying to figure it all out. When Eddie came to us in early June we're not sure he had ever had a name or been inside a house before. He was fearful of his foster parents and hid in his crate for weeks. Slowly but surely he's learned that humans are affectionate, and they have all the good treats. He also eventually learned to be house trained and trusts his foster parents enough to wake them up in the mornings by jumping on the bed and licking their ears. He seems to really love these morning wake up calls because he'll lounge in bed allowing snuggles. Just a few months ago he wouldn't even stay in the same room with a human.

In the middle of July Eddie became very sick and spent a week at the emergency vet clinic with internists. He lost a lot of weight, and we weren't sure if he was going to make it. After multiple tests and rounds of antibiotics and fluids, Eddie has bounced back better than ever. He's trying to put weight back on, his appetite is back, and he's back to jogging 12 miles a week with additional walks and play time thrown in. Eddie would do best in a house with other dogs and with someone who is patient and understanding of dogs who are still working through their fearfulness of the world. He's completing training classes and is learning about life, each day being less timid and braver out in the world. And while he might be fearful of something and bark there is no aggression in Eddie. He's the type to bark once then run and hide.

Finally, even though Eddie appears to be a pure bred border collie, he doesn't have the high drive many of them have. He likes to exercise and play, but he doesn't require these or become destructive if we miss a day or two of working out. He just seems so grateful to have a comfortable house and plenty of food that he's content laying at your feet.

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Ellie (Adopted!!!!)

Ellie is a beautiful happy girl! She loves outdoor time but settles nicely inside and enjoys snuggle time. She loves going on car rides and meeting new people. Ellie walks well on a leash, very sweet, and will make a perfect companion. She gets along very well with male dogs but would be better in a home with no female dogs or cats. She is estimated to be 6 years old, spayed, heartworm negative, up to date on vaccines, and micro chipped.

If you are interested in adopting Ellie:

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I am a Border Collie mix. I look kind of like a German Shepherd, but my mom was a BC. I am the perfect size for Frisbee or agility. I get along with other dogs and love all people, especially kids. Unfortunately, my former owner did not give me preventative heartworm medicine so now I have heartworms. I am only a year and a half old so the doctor says I will be good as new when I get over the treatment. I will be looking for a new home at that time and I hope they will love me enough to give me monthly prevention so I won't get those nasty heartworms again. I would love to have a home with a boy or girl of my own or even a bigger boy or girl that will play with me and take me on walks and teach me new things. My foster mom says I am a sweet girl. I don't make a lot of noise like my foster brothers – of course they are rowdy boys. Please consider adopting me if you are looking for a companion who will love you forever. Love, Gabby

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Happy (3 to 4 yo Male)

Happy is a very sweet laid back dog and loves people and is friendly with other dogs and cats. Happy loves the water and has the markings of a Border Collie and the traits of both a Lab and Border Collie. As you can see from the photos Happy is a beautiful dog and is one of easiest dogs we've taken care of and quickly becomes your best friend. He loves hugs, belly rubs and likes being your best buddy. He may be a little shy at first and that is just for the first few minutes and then he quickly warms up to you. Happy is a delight and easy to be with as he causes no trouble and just loves doing things with you and can just lounge around too. He'll likes to ride in the car if you want to take him somewhere with you he'll enjoy the ride and if you like to go a lake, river or if you have a pool Happy will be right at home! He loves toys and playing with you and especially likes chewing on a big doggy bone. When I've had friends over they always say the same thing, "what a nice friendly dog"! He has been neutered and is up to date on all shots, negative on heartworm and up to date on heartworm medicine.

If you are interested in Happy please contact his foster dad

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Hudson (Adopted!!!!)

Hello! My name is Hudson. I am so sweet and so eager to please you will just fall in love immediately. I LOVE my human and I would just crawl up into your skin if I could because just can't get close enough. I love to give doggie kisses - so you have to be ok with slobber. I sneak really good - I will go really slow and sneak inch by inch until I end up in your lap (because if I go slow enough you will not realize I am in your lap and you will let me stay).

I am quiet in the house and I play with my toys independently entertaining myself quietly for hours. I LOVE to run outside though - and I will chase those pesky cars - my human says this is dangerous but they are oh so tempting when they speed by ---- so a secure fence is a must for my new home. I love other dogs - but some dogs are scary to me and I am a bit shy of at first. I love my chow sister and take my toys to her and lay in her front paws and play. I will chase cats though - they spit and fluff up and I think it is 'just SOOOO funny'. I don't hurt them - but love to turn Max into a 'halloween kitty'.

I am very active but I do have an off switch and very good in the house. I respect boundaries and do not dig, climb or jump out of my fence when I am outside playing. I am only mildly concerned/nervous with thunder and fireworks so with some TLC I should never become noise phobic. I do not have good re-call yet, so this is something you need to teach me. I am VERY intelligent though - I am an AMAZING PUP!

My favorite thing to do (other than be in your lap giving you kisses in the face) is to go for walks. I LOVE the word 'go' and I know which leash is mine. It is the pretty red one hanging on the 3rd hook and I will go get it because I know it means I get to "GO". I do have herdy tendencies - so my human says I can not go to a family with young children -I would love a nice active family who loves doggie kisses and long walks who is home a lot of time with me. I need another doggie companion to keep me happy and a soft spoken family as harsh words send me slinking down the hall to the bathroom for days - even if they are not spoken TO me!

If you are interested in Hudson please contact his foster mom

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Jason --- (Adopted!!!!!!!!!!)

Jason is about 3 years old and is the cutest border collie around. He is house trained, neutered, microchipped and is on heartworm preventative. He is full of energy and loves to run and play with other dogs and also has a lot of love for people. He just wants to please people and in return he'll give a warm, gentle smile and is well mannered.

We will give careful consideration to potential adopters. Jason will do best in a home with people home most of the time and with having another younger, playful dog buddy. He is submissive and plays well with either males or females. He has had some previous anxiety so would not be happy alone, without people or another dog, for long periods of time every day. As long as he has someone with him, he is happy.

He does need a secure yard. He is not a fence jumper but if given the opportunity to run free, he will dash out of your sight and circle back to you a few minutes later. He also likes to chase cars. He's only had the chance of chasing mine and the ATV in the driveway so that is something his new family will have to be mindful of.

As with many other border collies he does have noise sensitivity to thunder and gunshots. He settles quickly though when it's over.

Jason is just waiting for the right home. He knows he has the nicest split face markings and a great temperament and he will make a wonderful companion for his new forever family.

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Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup

Whew - I sure had a close call - sprung from the shelter the day I was to be put to sleep forever and I had so many more things I wanted to do with my life. I had lots of problems: I was a recent mom so very skinny with kennel cough, hook worms, ring worms, heart worms, and an ear hematoma but was a calm dog that caught the eye of my foster family. Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue has lots of nice people that helped me out on the way to recovery and now only those awful heart worms stand between me and my forever home. I start treatment for them on October 7 and should be ready for my forever home by the end of October. Gosh, I feel so lucky and would love to stay here but my foster daddy says that no matter how good I am I will have to move on so that they can help rescue another dog in need. I am a 3-year old spayed female Border Collie mix standing 19 inches at the shoulder and weighing 40 pounds. I am very thin so need to add a few more pounds. I am mostly covered with wavy black hair with white on my chest, toes and nose (also have a few white hairs at the tip of my tail and on my shoulder where my kerchief should be). I walk well on or off leash, am house and crate trained, have good house manners, UTD on all shots, micro-chipped, have good recall, am indifferent to thunder and other loud noises, good with cats and other dogs, not interested in chasing cars but enjoy taking trips with my family. I have no Border Collie drive but really enjoy my walks or being on the lap of one of my people.

I am really looking forward to having my very own home with my very own people to love and who will love me back. If you are interested in me please contact my foster family. They have agreed that I get to decide with whom I will spend the rest of my life being sinfully spoiled.

If you are interested in me please contact my foster family.

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Yogi (4 yr male)

Yogi is a sweet loving 4 yr old bc mix. It took a while for him to get adjusted to my 2 laid back female bc. Probably because he was in the shelter for awhile. I'm not sure about cats. He gets along very well with my 7 yr old grandson. not sure about young children. He has been treated for HW and is a happy healthy boy. Storms and fireworks do not bother him. He rides well in the car and walks good on leash. He's crate trained (with encouragement) and is house trained and needs to be taken out often. He'll make a good guard dog not in an aggressive way but he will let you know when people are outside. He's very vocal. So far he hasn't shown interest in balls but he likes to have chew toys.

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For more wonderful dogs be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings Page:

Courtesy Listings Page

Border Collies are being turned into shelters and rescue groups daily. The breed's unique desires to work and please their owners are often the very reasons they are relinquished. Please be sure a Border Collie is the right dog for you and your family.

For more available Border Collies, we recommend your looking at www.Petfinder.com. Other rescue groups, shelters and independent rescuers post Border Collies at that location. Also, check our links section for other BC-specific rescue groups.

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