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Last Update August 17, 2014

All of the doggies listed below are in PRBCR volunteer's foster homes. Feel free to contact their foster parent for more information and fill out our online application. PRBCR foster dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption and our adoption fee is 225.00. If you do not see your new family member listed with PRBCR, then check out the courtesy listings and our sister rescue in NC:

Courtesy Listings

Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR)



Puppies (2 males 4 females)

these 6 furry bundles of joy are looking for their new families. if you are interested in giving one of these babies a loving home, please contact their foster dad.

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CJ (5 to 6 months male)

CJ  is about 5-6 months old.  He is reserved at first, but very friendly
and super sweet.  He is good with dogs, cats and people.  He is not a high energy dog, but likes to play and then come in the house for a nap. He will be a great family pet.  All he wants in the world is to snuggle and be by someone's side. He is earning freedom when I am not at home, but he still has some teething to do, so I normally baby gate him to an area where he can't get into much while I am gone.He would do well with a human that is either home a lot or has another dog to keep him company

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Eddie (Coming Soon!)

Eddie will be available for adoption soon.

Eddie needs your help. He got very sick last week and is running a fever of 106. He has been in the hospital and they are running tests. They are still not sure what is wrong and his vet bills as of August 2, 2014 are 2000.00 and climbing. Eddie needs your help to get well so he can start his new life.

Click on the red button to send your donation.Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation will go towards paying his medical bills.

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Ellie (6 yr old - Female)

Meet Miss Ellie! She is a very sweet female estimated to be about 6 yrs old and looking for her fur-ever home! Ellie loves to snuggle, very loving and will make a loyal companion. She was surrendered to the resuce for killing chickens and would need a home with no small children or cats. She is spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all vaccines.

If you are interested in adopting Ellie:

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Happy (3 to 4 yo Male)

Happy is a very sweet laid back dog and loves people and is friendly with other dogs and cats. Happy loves the water and has the markings of a Border Collie and the traits of both a Lab and Border Collie. As you can see from the photos Happy is a beautiful dog and is one of easiest dogs we've taken care of and quickly becomes your best friend. He loves hugs, belly rubs and likes being your best buddy. He may be a little shy at first and that is just for the first few minutes and then he quickly warms up to you. Happy is a delight and easy to be with as he causes no trouble and just loves doing things with you and can just lounge around too. He'll likes to ride in the car if you want to take him somewhere with you he'll enjoy the ride and if you like to go a lake, river or if you have a pool Happy will be right at home! He loves toys and playing with you and especially likes chewing on a big doggy bone. When I've had friends over they always say the same thing, "what a nice friendly dog"! He has been neutered and is up to date on all shots, negative on heartworm and up to date on heartworm medicine.

If you are interested in Happy please contact his foster dad

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Hudson (1.5 to 2yo male / Experienced BC Applicants only!)

Hudson is a super intelligent fantastically loving Velcro dog. This dog is simply amazing! He loves to be a lap dog so I will require a 'family' role for him inside the house.

He is extremely sensitive and even a heavy sigh sends him slinking out of the room for days. He learns amazingly fast and responds to soft commands, praise and treats. He will chase/herd anything that moves – that includes cars. So he MUST have a secure fence when not inside with his family. NO electric fences, shock collars, prong collars or punishment based, pack dominance based training.

He plays quietly in the house with his toys and entertains himself very well. A home where someone is home with him a lot or another dog to play would make him happy. He loves to run - so he would love a fenced in yard where he can safely run and play.

Unlike many border collies, Hudson will contently entertain himself and play for hours, then come into the house to lay down and take a nap or get hugs from his family. He would love an active home - maybe weekend herding for fun, agility, treibball, rally-O, basically anything where he can be active with his favorite human.

An ideal home would be a loving family where Hudson can curl up in your lap (he can NOT get close enough to his humans). He would love a large securely fenced area for running & playing, and an active family. He seems to be shy around men, so a man will have to be soft spoken and patient to win Hudson over.

He loves people and just cannot get close enough – so you have to love doggie kisses. He loves to pet you back and show his love by touching you and has the gentlest soft paws you could ever imagine.

I really can't say enough about this dog – he is an ideal border collie and will make an experienced border collie connoisseur an amazing addition to their family.

If you are interested in Hudson please contact his foster mom

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Jason --- Coming Soon!!!

Jason will be available soon - check back for more information.

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Jet (4 yr female)

Jet is a sweet and active pure bred border collie. She gets along great with my other borders but all she really wants is to be with people. ON you if possible. She's incredibly loving and desperate for approval and she would crawl inside our clothes to be closer to us if she could-a real Velcro Dog. At sometime in her life someone spent lots of time with her before her life took a turn. She is utterly crazy about fetching the ball and loves toys, especially tug toys or things she can "kill". She's active, athletic, and is fantastic off leash. (Better than on leash, frankly) She knows sit, down, come, shake and loves the car, sleeps in a crate at night like a champ. She adores men and is fantastic helping around our farm. We currently have no cats or livestock so she hasn't been tested on them. She is about 4 years old, and when she got here she was a little on the skinny side but has made up her weight deficit and now is about 40 lbs. She will need some continued training to "wait" at feeding time. Because of her past history of abuse she will also need a family who is respectful of her body.

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Mae (Adoption Pending!!!!)

Dear Prospective Furever Home,
Hi I'm Mae, I'm about 35 years old (that's about 5 in human years) and I'm very sweet. I'm a cute tri-colored pure bred Border Collie. I have a lot of black ticking on my front legs and face and smart brown accents. I really don't like the camera much, but my foster dad was able to get a few pictures to see how cute I am. I am reserved and quiet when I'm in the house. I come quickly when you say my name and I'm willing to enjoy all of the petting and scratching that you care to share. I like my crate, and I'm house trained. I get along great with my other 4 legged sisters, I like all 2 legs but it takes me a minute to warm up to some of them. I've never met a cat but I think that they would be my friend too. I'm heart worm negative, completely up to date on my vaccinations and I have my own microchip. I need someone that will love me, be patient and is willing to help me blossom. Please feel free to contact my foster dad and we can meet and you can see in person how sweet I am. Love, Mae

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Poppy (Adoption Pending!!!!)

Poppy is an 8-9 month old neutered, HW negative, male Border Collie mix (maybe with some spaniel?). He currently weighs about 40 lbs. although he is a bit on the thin side and could stand to gain a few pounds. He is a wonderful, energetic pup who will do well in an active home! He is crate-trained as well as house-trained and rides beautifully in the car. He's very very happy to do pretty much anything. He will often throw toys to himself or simply run in our backyard if no one is playing with him. He seems to have endless playful energy.

When he came from the shelter he had some puppy-mouthing and excitable jumping behaviour but this has calmed down a lot with proper exercise and positive training. He seems exceptionally eager to please his people and has already learned several tricks! He is VERY food motivated and hot dogs are his favourite! He learns very quickly and has already been picking up some of the behaviours our dogs get rewarded for.

Poppy is also exceptionally loving and one of his favourite things to do is give kisses! He loves getting on your lap, being pet and snuggling. If you lay down on the floor he will come over for face kisses and get on top of you to cuddle!

Although his goofy energy is very fun, it can sometimes be overwhelming to other dogs, as he is still very much a puppy and not very good at picking up on other dogs' social cues. Due to this, he would probably do best either as an only dog OR with another dog or dogs who really like to play and are energetic. He will not be the best for homes with senior dogs or very calm dogs.

In terms of cats, he seems to be interested, but not overly so. He has met one of our cats and he seemed more confused than anything else, so he would probably do fine in a home with cats.

Poppy has not been tested with kids yet, but given his energy level and some of his mouthing tendencies (which we are working one) he would probably do best in a home without young children.

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Scout (4 yo Female)

Scout is a 35 lb., four year old female who has been through some rough times lately. She has made tremendous improvements since I started taking care of her. At first she was so scared that I couldn't touch her without her cringing. She is a very sweet and energetic girl who loves to be petted and cuddled. She walks well on leash. Scout gets along well with other dogs once she gets to know them. She likes her toys and likes to chew them up. She is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on all her shots. She's always ready to go for a ride, a walk or most anything.

If you are interested in Scout please contact her foster mom

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Yogi --- Coming Soon!!!

Yogi will be available soon - Yogi has heart worms and is going through treatment now so that he will be a happy, healthy dog ready to find his new home very soon.

Though heart worms are very serious and very painful to the dog, when they go through treatment they can live a happy normal life, so don't let it scare you away from this lovely sweet dog. However, the treatment is very expensive and PRBCR needs your help to provide this care

Click on the red button to send your donation now. Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation will go towards paying Yogi's vet bill.

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For more wonderful dogs be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings Page:

Courtesy Listings Page

Border Collies are being turned into shelters and rescue groups daily. The breed's unique desires to work and please their owners are often the very reasons they are relinquished. Please be sure a Border Collie is the right dog for you and your family.

For more available Border Collies, we recommend your looking at www.Petfinder.com. Other rescue groups, shelters and independent rescuers post Border Collies at that location. Also, check our links section for other BC-specific rescue groups.

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