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Last Update February 1, 2016

All of the doggies listed below are in PRBCR volunteer's foster homes. Feel free to contact their foster parent for more information and fill out our online application. PRBCR foster dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption and our adoption fee is 225.00. If you do not see your new family member listed with PRBCR, then check out the courtesy listings and our sister rescue in NC:

Courtesy Listings

Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR)



Amos (8 months - Male)

Amos is an 8 month old Australian Shepherd. He is a well behaved puppy that loves to play with other dogs. He especially likes to retrieve tennis balls and tear stuffing out of his squeaker toys. But he is smart enough to know which are his toys to destroy and what "my" things are to leave alone. He is house trained and also will sleep quietly all night in his crate. He plays very well with my dog and is not a rough playmate.

Because of his love of balls he could excel at frisbee or flyball. He would also like to learn agility or barn hunt as he is a smart puppy and is eager to learn. He is neutered, microchipped and is on heartworm preventative.

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Bree (5 yr old Female - experienced BC home)

Bree spayed female 5 years old available for adoption. Experienced Border Collie home, no apartments, and fenced yard required. Bree is extremely intense and passionate. She puts her all into everything she does- even cuddling. She will give you the most affectionate doggie cuddles and kisses you've ever received. Her favorite things to do are to play with her toys, play with us, and playing with other dogs. Like I said she is intense... So she can fight over toys. But she doesn't need toys to play with another dog she will run around and "play fight"! She fought with my first dog twice when she first lived with us and they haven't fought since- it's been years. She loves my two year old and plays ball with him. She loves nature walks/runs and car rides. She loves all people! She acts like a puppy and jumps from furniture to furniture piece... It's just who she is! She's quick to forget manners so you have to remind her not to jump on people but after a few reminders she behaves herself. She really tries hard to please but her natural border collie energetic self comes out and she can just be all over the place and everyone. She's hilarious and entertaining but only if you're up for a serious challenge. She wants to be loved and wants to "work" so she needs to be active every day. She needs to be a happy girl, and if you cannot exercise her mind and body daily then she won't be happy with you. She's a special girl looking for a special home to make her family and love her everyday. She deserves it, she's loving and FUN!!

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Helix (5.5 yr male)

Helix (Birthday: 03/26/2010, black and white, 85lbs) I'm a fluffy, 5.5 year old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees who was rescued from Lancaster, SC. I was a side of the road pup, and I was taken in at just 6 weeks. I had a lot of anxiety in the beginning, by my family has helped me work through most of it. I still get nervous around rowdy kids, some men, and loud noises, but I'm a flight puppy; I find a place I can crawl into or under and hide. Once I get used to the noise or the person, I'm much less afraid. I also have some separation anxiety, and always prefer to be with Giacomo (see courtesy listing this site). He's my big brother, he's my protector when I'm scared. I love to swim! Ponds, pools, lakes, I love it all! I like hiking, too. Mmm, that fresh mountain air! Fetch really isn't my thing, I prefer snuggling up by your feet and watching others exert the effort. I'm a gentle giant. My fur can get pretty long, but I like having it short in the summer.

We're both 100% house and crate trained. We will always tell you when we need to go out. We can be left out of our crates all day and night, but if there are lots of unfamiliar guests, we like to be in our comfy space. We love other dogs, and the dog park is always exciting! We both shed, but if we're brushed regularly, it's not too bad. We're uptodate on our shots, and definitely won't be fathering ANY pups. We'd love to find an active family, ideally one without young kids (age 13+ only). We're both healthy, happy boys, and we're so excited to meet our new family!

Giacomo is on the courtesy listing part of PRBCR's website - my family would love to see both of us go to the same home as we are so bonded.

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Jasper (6 to 7 yo - male)

Hello my name is Jasper! I am a border collie mix, who is estimated to be a middle aged guy (maybe 6-7 years old). I am current on all vaccinations, and I have been neutered. I am house trained, crate trained, walk well on a leash, and enjoy car rides. I do have a dry eye condition, which requires eye drops 2 times a day. The cost of my eye medications are around $65.00 a month. I am being fostered in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

My foster parents do have some must haves for my forever home, and they are as follows:


I would be fine to be an only dog, but I do have foster brothers and sisters. I do very well with all of them. If there were another dog, I would do best with a dog that is laid back & and a little playful (no alpha dogs). I am more comfortable playing with dogs that are the same size or smaller than me (in a home environment). I am fine with all dogs when I am in any public setting (beach, walks, etc).

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Lucy (Adoption Pending!!!!)

Lucy is a 1.5-year-old border collie who is smart, high-energy, and inquisitive. She sticks right next to her human at all times, and loves to play with toys and is treat motivated. She weighs about 35 lbs. and is a semi-rough coat that doesn't really shed much.

Lucy's ideal home would be an adopter who can spend a lot of time with her and who has a lot of space for Lucy to play. She is wonderful with other dogs, kids, and seems okay with cats in the neighborhood but doesn't live with any right now. She wrestles and plays with a 70 lb. lab and a 45 lb. border collie. She reads pack behavior well, and knows when to back off if her foster siblings want to relax. Lucy is crate trained and house broken with no accidents in months.

She currently lives in a downtown neighborhood with sidewalks and a lot of activity. While Lucy does enjoy walking and settles nicely once she's over the first stimulation of getting leashed, a more rural setting would be ideal for her. She can be reactionary when there is too much stimulation. She barks at other people and dogs at first on her walks and much of this is because she desperately wants to meet and greet all animals and people. Her new family should dedicate time to working on her behavior outside the house.

Lucy is currently enrolled in positive reinforcement behavior training and is making good progress – learning to sit, wait, and stay. Her recall is great inside the house and yard, but is a work in progress outside the property. This will require some focused training in her new home. She must go to a home with a fenced yard and preferably one with other dogs because she enjoys playing with her pack.

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Oliver (approx 8 - Male)

Oliver is a big sweet 8 year old boy who loves his food. He is a border collie/Anatolian shepherd mix (pretty sure) who stands with his head near my pockets. Don't let his age hold you back he loves to go for walks/jogs and plays with my small female border collie throughout the day. Oliver likes to watch over everything but especially his owner. He listens well and stands still for his grooming. Man does he love going for car rides, getting loves, and talking. Completely house broken, uses the doggie door, and sits on command. He needs a house (no apartments), with no cats or other non dog animals, a fenced backyard, and someone who will be patient with him.

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Roscoe (8 month old male)

Roscoe the Rascal we call him lovingly, as he has spunk and personality yet... he is a very easy going pup. Roscoe loves to run and play, he is well behaved inside the house. He is crate trained and housebroken. He gets along well with other dogs and children. He has an independent streak, so will come to snuggle and kiss on his humans, and then will walk away to go play with a toy or chew on a bone. He is loving without being "needy".

Rosco is a wonderful growing boy, tall and lanky, and needs lots of exercise. We walk/run him 3 miles almost daily. Additionally, we walk him up and down the block 3x a day.. On the days we can grab a 3-4 mile walk, he is even happier. He loves to prance, and chase the other dogs, but is respectful of the pack and the hierarchy. He likes to steal and hide and chew on socks if he can find them laying around the house, but he has not ruined any shoes...Roscoe is a protector and will bark and strangers and noises to alert us, but then will come to stand my our side for his own reassurance. He likes squirrels and birds, and will run to find and chase them. In our family, we call Roscoe the perfect puppy. Sweet, loving, affectionate, obedient, willing to please, a total lovebug, and likely a good dog for agility training. He is a sweetie pie... overall, he will grow into a wonderful dog.

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For more wonderful dogs be sure to check out our Courtesy Listings Page:

Courtesy Listings Page

Border Collies are being turned into shelters and rescue groups daily. The breed's unique desires to work and please their owners are often the very reasons they are relinquished. Please be sure a Border Collie is the right dog for you and your family.

For more available Border Collies, we recommend your looking at www.Petfinder.com. Other rescue groups, shelters and independent rescuers post Border Collies at that location. Also, check our links section for other BC-specific rescue groups.

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